I work with organisations to increase the reach and effectiveness of their online communications through integrated technology and digital media solutions.

I am a committed and passionate design professional with over 20 years’ experience across Australia, the USA and Asia. I have a proven record of success in product development and delivering elegant user focused, interactive design experiences.

As a user interface and product development specialist I have delivered solutions for a broad range of critical applications across the medical, banking and automotive sectors. I am a passionate believer in user experience and interaction being at the core of any successful product and my design background brings a depth of experience that provides the foundation for my work in the digital design and development space.

In 2009 I was offered an opportunity to join the Dept. of Education to help reshape the online experience of their audiences and build a series of community and B2B digital environments. Designed primarily to facilitate greater collaboration this digital model was conceived to also provide improved business intelligence and insight into the needs and concerns of key stakeholders and the broader community.

My success in this role led to my appointment to oversee development and delivery of the online live streaming and interactive events capability of the 50 Marcus Clarke Theatre (50MC).

Conceived as an opportunity for Government to better inform, engage and understand community and business audiences the 50MC facility combines Audiovisual, Digital and Production services to deliver rich online experiences and enable online viewers to actively take part in live events and presentations.

My responsibilities covered all aspects of the online experience including website/platform development, live streaming integration, real-time viewer engagement, live production integration and post production delivery. With 100’s of events hosted and 100’s of thousands of viewers the success of this capability is evidenced through its use by all major Government agencies as well as Prime Ministers, Ministers and multiple departmental Secretaries.

My experience within Government provides significant insight with my current role in which I am responsible for working with new and prospective clients to understand their requirements and partner with them to deliver engaging interactive online solutions.

I enjoy working to assess and propose solutions and consistently look forward to taking part in the strategic development process and working with teams on end to end solution delivery.
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